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"Brexit": doors closed to "low-skilled people"

"Australian" point model

With "Brexit" the UK closes its doors to new "low-skilled" immigrants and not comfortable with the English language. The new rules include preferential lanes for scientists and talents. It's the "Australian" point model announced some time ago by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The work-visa can only be granted to applicants who have a minimum of 70 points attributed only to those who already have job offers of £ 25,000 a year and up, specific qualifications, and knowledge of the language. The opposition has asked for exceptions in strategic sectors such as health, where for example nursing roles are largely covered by foreigners and accusations of "xenophobia" have not been lacking. The government defends its reform project, arguing that it offers the country the opportunity to take "full control" of the borders, erasing the "distortion" caused by the freedom of movement of EU citizens.

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