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Does Jakarta abandon a SU-35 Russian fighter aircraft order?

On American pressure? Moscow awaits explanations

According to rumors, put on paper by "Bloomberg": Indonesia would have abandoned the purchase of 11 Russian Su-35S Flanker-E fighter jet aircraft -according to the terms of an agreement signed in February 2018-, it seems on American pressure: in essence, Washington would have warned Jakarta that the contract risks penalizing Indonesia under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, or the United States federal law that imposes sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Russia. The agreement with Moscow, until yesterday under the supervision of the two governments, provided for a commercial exchange between the two countries: Russia would supply the planes, and Indonesia would reciprocate with supplies of rubber, crude palm oil, coffee, tea, furniture, spices and more. All products of which the transcontinental state, caught in the grip of European and American embargoes, is in extreme need.

To compensate, Washington would offer its F-16s to Jakarta to replace the Su-35s, but the Asian country would be moving towards the more modern and performing F-35s. But Russia is not watching, and today the news has spread to the national press: if the news is founded, Moscow expects a notification of termination from the contract worth more than a billion dollars, which has not come yet, according to official sources report.

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