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Pandemic could stop the "Oshkosh Air Show"

In perhaps the biggest gathering of aviation fans?

An answer by President Trump to the question about the distances between people to distance the epidemic risk from Covid-19 from the USA, has triggered the uncertainty of many fans about what is considered the largest air show in the world: Oshkosh Airventure, which is expected to be held in the United States next July 20.

Responding to a series of specific questions on the subject, the AirVenture organization spokesperson said: “At the moment we are continuing to work to hold a complete gathering like the past years. Of course there are many uncertainties due to this situation, and nobody knows exactly how things will go in late May, which means roughly 4 months from now. We continue to be in contact with security authorities at all levels to receive accurate information, and to make the right decisions regarding the airshow".

There are numerous factors -AVIONEWS notes-, which cospire against the 51st edition of the event. At the moment the spread of the virus in the United States is just starting to spread. Experts say the vast majority of Americans will be affected and ill. According to government analysts, a vaccine will not be ready before a year, and this means that the "keep the distance" rule, between individuals, will be a measure in place for a long time. Consequently, major events such as the Airshow can be suspended or cancelled, as has already happened for the big events of the NBA, the baseball league, and the hockey league in the United States.

July 20 is not such a distant date if it looks at what happened in other western countries. This could force the organizers to cancel or postpone the event. A delay according to the organizers themselves would be extremely risky considering the number of people involved in the organization, and all the logistics of the event that calls on Oshkosh airport something like 10,000 aircraft -of which over 2,700 perform in flight-, and more than 650,000 people keeping 5500 volunteers engaged. While the foundation that organizes the show has already raised funds for USD 2.8 millions, used for programs aimed at bringing young people closer to the world of flight.

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