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SSJ-100 plane crash in Moscow: the captain defends himself

Exactly one year after the tragedy that killed 41 of the people on board - VIDEO

It was a tragedy that many remember, whose frames are imprinted in the many videos that went viral: Aeroflot's Superjet SSJ-100/95B stopped on the runway at Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport, around the flames, while the survivors were running away, without any help. Exactly one year ago.

And a year later, the captain Denis Evdokimov disputes the statements of the Russian investigative committee, which at the end of its investigations into the criminal aspect of the accident, concluded "The Committee completed the investigation into the criminal case against the captain of the SSJ-95B aircraft, Denis Evdokimov. He is accused of committing an offense under article 263, part 3 of the penal code. After reversing the route to the airport of departure, he made a violent landing on the runway of the Sheremetyevo airport. Further actions to control the aircraft, committed in violation of the established rules, resulted in the destruction and fire of the aircraft, resulting in the death of 40 passengers and a crewmember". Violation of the safety rules and negligence in controlling the plane are the charges against him.

The first officer replies in an interview taken today by the Russian press: the cause of the accident was the mismatch with the aircraft's airworthiness standards. More precisely: "If the manufacturer finished the production of the aircraft in time, the plane crashes of this kind would not be repeated, which means that flight safety would be at an acceptable level and that the risks would be minimized". The fault, in short, for the pilot would be of the aircraft manufacturer.

The committee, for its part, when it announced its conclusions in mid-April of last year, specified that these were based on data from the black boxes, which did not correspond to the version of events given by the pilot. The data of the two flight recorders also, again according to the committee, also found that the SSJ reacted adequately to the pilot's actions, refuting the version of a possible malfunction.

The airplane had taken off from Moscow to Murmansk with 78 people on board including 5 crewmembers, when it was struck by lightning. It managed to land only on the second attempt, and the deaths were caused by smoke and flames, and not by the impact with the runway. See also AVIONEWS.

In the video below, another view of the accident and of the evacuation of the passengers: images that make us reflect also on the "timeliness" of the rescues.

Photo gallery Aereo Superjet di Aeroflot in fiamme all'aeroporto moscovita di Sheremetyevo il 5 maggio 2019
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