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Pakistan aircraft tragedy (3): the pilot launched the mayday after losing one engine

And he tried to land without an undercarriage: the tower affirmed it -VIDEO

Although the tower had given the availability of both runways, the commander of PIA's A-320 plane that crashed this morning in Pakistan, preferred to leave and then retry the landing shortly after, a maneuver that was fatal. According to excerpts from the conversation between the flight controller and the commander of the aircraft, he warned that he was approaching the runway again: "We are proceeding directly, sir. We have lost one engine", you can hear from the recording. "Confirm your attempt on the belly", the tower replies it. "Sir, mayday mayday mayday mayday Pakistan 8303", retorts the captain, just before the radio link is lost. These would be the dramatic moments according to local press, before the plane crashed, Pakistan International Airlines flight 8303, which from Lahore-Allama, had to land at Karachi-Jinnah International Airport at 2:45pm local time with on board 91 passengers plus 8 crewmembers.

The airplane crashed while approaching the runway, in a residential neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of the airport. A minute before 2:45pm the tragedy was over. "The plane first hit a mobile tower and then crashed into houses", a witness said. There is still much understandable confusion about the number of wounded and bodies recovered so far both from the aircraft's cockpit and from the rubble of the houses. What is certain is that at the time of writing, survivors with burns would have already been hospitalized. Health Minister Azra Pechuho declared a State of emergency for the main hospitals in the city, where "35 bodies from the accident site, and 25-30 injured residents of the area flowed immediately. Officials are identifying the deceased to inform their families. At the moment we do not know how many are injured and how many have died. I am visiting hospitals; we were already in an emergency due to Covid-19, so the doctors were on alert. We also warned the surgical units", he added.

Still witnesses report that the plane was on fire before falling on the houses of a densely populated and congested housing complex. "The concern is now for the people on the ground. Rangers and emergency services have been sent; we are trying to save as many lives as possible", said Governor Imran Ismail.

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In the video, the difficulties of the rescue operations are evident:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency