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They do not wear masks, fight on board of Klm plane

Two British boys made being nervous other passengers - VIDEO

A very lively flight. A violent brawl broke out on board a Boeing -737 of the Klm air carrier which involved several passengers. The reason is soon to be said. Two people stubbornly refused to wear the mask during the connection from Amsterdam to Ibiza and the hearts overheated. Video of the episode ended on social media, specifically on Instagram with lots of further details on the dynamic and the individuals involved. It seems that one of the boys who did not want to comply with the safety rules against Covid-19 is from England and he acted very badly before boarding the aircraft.

Witnesses reported that he drunk a lot of vodka at the airport, which is why it would have been even more disturbing. Little is known of the other young man, but even in his case the regulatory mask on his face was missing. Before landing in Spain, they were both blocked, then once disembarked from the plane, arrested by the airport police already warned of the facts by the commander of the Klm aircraft. Fortunately, safety on board would never have been jeopardized. Among other things, the video would hear other passengers inviting the two Britons to behave more civilly in the presence of the children.

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