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Chile will increase number of planes in Antarctica

The Chamber of Deputies approved a new statute

The Chilean Chamber of Deputies approved in the last few hours, what has been called the "new Antarctic statute". South Pole is very important for South American Nation: territory belonging to the country includes territories, islands, cliffs and glaciers that are located in the limit formed by the meridians 53° West and 90° West and South of the parallel 60°. The go-ahead from Parliament to the text will have several consequences. First of all, it was decided to strengthen the presence of the Army, Navy and Air forces to operate in the Antarctic missions.

Number of aircraft engaged in this area of the South Pole is therefore destined to increase, with new special rules for what concerns scientific, tourist and cultural activities. Furthermore, there will be a greater supply of operational, logistical, technological and scientific services to support those already activated. One of these missions tragically ended a few months ago. In fact, on December 9, 2019, a Chilean military plane headed for Antarctica suddenly disappeared with 38 people on board. The passengers had to take care of some maintenance work at the base, specifically the maintenance of an oil pipeline. A few hours after it disappeared from the radar, the Chilean Air Force was forced to confirm that the aircraft, a C-130 Hercules, had crashed.

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