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Italy-Argentina, Saocom 1B satellite in orbit

Launch is part of a project that involves the two countries - VIDEO

Italy and Argentina are joining forces in a space cooperation project called Siasge (Italian-Argentine system of satellites for emergency management): yesterday evening, on Sunday August 30, 2020, it was launched Saocom 1B satellite, that is an integral part of the project. Every aspect of the mission was organized in Cape Canaveral, with the actual launch taking place at 19:19 (local time). The satellite then went into orbit, deploying the 35 square meter radar antenna. Buenos Aires is convinced that it can grow a lot from an economic and social point of view with operations of this type.

Collaboration between the space agency of our country and Conae (the national commission of the South American state that deals with space activities) was decisive: the actual launch was scheduled for last March, with a reasoned postponement from the coronavirus pandemic. Siasge features six satellites in total, four of which refer to Italy and the other two to Argentina. Thanks to Saocom 1B, fundamental information will be collected regarding the agricultural sector and even forecasts of natural disasters.

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Below, the video of the launch:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency