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Cyprus, license of Tus Airways carrier is suspended

Company requested six months for industrial plan

During today's morning, on Monday September 14, 2020, Cyprus Ministry of Transport decided to suspend license of airline Tus Airways. This is the company founded in 2005 and whose hub is the Cypriot airport of Larnaca. A letter sent by the management of the same airline to the ministry was made public by local media. In practice, Tus expressly requested that the flight license could be suspended for the next 6 months, therefore until March 2021. Ministry would have already accepted the request, provided that there is a brand new industrial plan.

However, investors and funds are needed and the carrier has been in serious difficulty for almost one year: air connections, in fact, were blocked in November 2019 and since that moment almost all employees came back home (about 90% to be precise). Now there are two possible paths for Tus Airways: industrial plan could convince Nicosia and license would be active again, otherwise there will be a new revocation. This carrier boasts a small record, given that after the liquidation of the old Cypriot national airline, Cyprus Airwas (in 2015), it was the first to be founded to cover the routes that remained "uncovered".

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