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Rise of US military suicides after beginning of pandemic

Link between Covid-19 and these deaths is very close

An impressive increase that cannot leave indifferent: "Associated Press" agency collected the statements of various officials of United States Army and Air Force regarding suicides that have occurred in recent times. In particular, deaths of this type have grown by 20% compared to the same period last year and the same officials said they were sure that Covid-19 had a decisive role in this difference. In fact, American soldiers would be experiencing the current moment of health emergency with a strong stress in addition to that already endured for the role played.

This is not a real official report, also because the Pentagon has so far strictly refused to provide information on the deaths regarding 2020 or even just to investigate the matter; during briefings of the defense department, however, there was talk of it anyway and it was on these occasions that the +20% caused a sensation. The Army and Marines reported the highest suicide rates, not to mention the military aviation which is of no less concern. Ryan McCarthy, Secretary of Defense, recalled that military deaths and the coronavirus cannot be linked too closely, but the percentage accelerated right after the outbreak of the pandemic.

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