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Aircraft, transport and covid. New Italy's law, measures of Government

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Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, signed the law with new measures to combat the contagion from COVID-19. There are several measures that have to make with air transport, here's what it is:

Specific containment measures must be observed for passengers concerning both the correct use of terminals and aircraft. Therefore, compliance with the following measures is required by the managers, airport operators, carriers and passengers respectively:

- management of access to terminals by providing, where possible, a clear separation of the entrance and exit doors, in order to avoid the meeting of flows of users;

- organizational and management interventions and access quotas in order to favor the distribution of the public in all the common areas of the airport in order to avoid crowding in the areas in front of the security checks;

- provision of one-way routes within the airport and in the routes to the gates, in order to keep the flows of users entering and exiting separate;

- obligation of interpersonal distancing of one meter on board the aircraft, inside the terminals and in all other airport facilities (passenger transport buses).

Air carriers can define specific procedures with airport managers that allow the boarding of hand baggage of a size allowed for placement in the overhead bins, implementing appropriate selective boarding and alighting measures, in relation to the seats assigned on board the aircraft, ensuring the necessary technical operational times in order to avoid gatherings in boarding and alighting and minimizing the handling phases (individual call of passengers at the time of boarding and alighting, in order to avoid contacts near the overhead bins); o personal clothing (jacket, coat, sweater) to be placed in the overhead bins must be kept in a special disposable container, delivered by the carrier upon boarding, to avoid contact between the personal clothing of travelers in the overhead bins . When disembarking and embarking passengers, the finger must be used, where possible, as a priority and in the case of transport by shuttle bus, crowding must be avoided, providing for a reduction of 50% of the maximum capacity provided for vehicles and a duration in any case less than 15 minutes, ensuring the natural ventilation of the vehicle as much as possible.

Italy will limit links with some country, specifically Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Montenegro and Colombia.

Attached to this AVIONEWS the full version of the law (20 pages) and attachments (198 pages).

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