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FBI investigates smuggling of Aeroflot employees

Carrier crew allegedly stole electronic devices

Certainly it's not a "cold war", but Russia and United States are protagonists of a very particular investigation concerning air transport. As reported by American media in recent hours, FBI is investigating the behavior of current and former employees of Russian carrier Aeroflot Airlines. The accusation is really heavy: these employees allegedly favored smuggling into Russian territory as regards stolen electronic devices and for a total economic value of 50 million dollars. In addition to Federal Bureau Investigation, New York Police and Customs and Border Protection are also handling the case. But what exactly happened? 

10 Aeroflot workers are involved and all are under investigation for repeated thefts of these objects at airports; among the stolen goods are iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch. Smuggling came to light following the search of the baggage of the suspects, eight of whom have already ended up in handcuffs (the other two are fugitives). It would be an international smuggling that allegedly exploited Russian citizens to avoid American regulations on the export of goods. For the moment, Moscow airline declined to comment on the investigation. In April, in full coronavirus health emergency, the company decided to cut costs to the bone, effectively canceling non-essential purchases and contracts (read also the article published by AVIONEWS).

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