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Russia tests new ABM missile system

With success. The defense ministry spoke about it in these hours

Anti-Ballistic Missile: this is what the abbreviation ABM means, also used for new Russian defense system against ballistic missiles, successfully tested yesterday, on Wednesday October 28, 2020, from Moscow (read also the published article from AVIONEWS). According to reports from the local defense ministry, Russian armed forces completed the test in a test field in Kazakhstan, to be precise in Sary-Shagan. The launch concerned one of the new missiles of the ABM system, an interceptor rocket that confirmed the characteristics that were sought by Russia for this type of military defense.

At the same time, the dicastery confirmed the three test launches of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile after the one deemed satisfactory in recent days (see AVIONEWS) by the end of this year. An interesting precedent for interceptor missiles is that of July 2019; a year and a half ago, Moscow announced the launch of such a rocket also in Kazakhstan, an experiment successfully conducted when the target was hit after having previously set the required trajectory and accuracy. With this system, Russia aims to defend the nation from any aerospace attacks by a potential enemy.

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