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Roberto Scaramella strikes again

Former Italian ENAV would like to go to Boeing Italy

You will come back, I know you will come back: when he sang these lines back in 1965, the Italian singer Bruno Lauzi would never have imagined that they would be useful to deepen the figure of a manager and consultant who would like to go to Boeing Italy. This is Roberto Scaramella, former number one of ENAV (Italian Flight Assistance Society). On Thursday November 19, Scaramella was one of the guests of the virtual meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, as well as moderator, of the debate focused on aerospace and defense as sectors for the revival of the economy. Simone Crolla, managing director of AmCham Italy, the ambassador of the United States to Italy Lewis M. Eisenberg, president of Boeing Europe Martin Donnelly, Italian Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, president of Avio Aero Sandro De Poli, CEO of Magnaghi Aeronautica, Paolo Graziano, the Director Europe and Nato Lockheed Martin Luigi Piantadosi and the CEO of Leonardo Alessando Profumo also participated in the on-line meeting. It so happened that Scaramella, current Aviation practice leader of Oliver Wyman, presented the paper dedicated to the centrality of the transatlantic relationship for the sector that was strongly desired by Antonio De Palmas. Accredited sources from defense and air transport circles are circulating the rumor that Scaramella is close to being responsible for Italy for Boeing on behalf of Boeing Europe.

After four years of De Palmas as responsible for the consolidation of the partnership between Boeing and Italy, for the development of the company's activities in our country and for new business opportunities, since August 1st that chair is free and there are numerous candidates. Scaramella would aspire to replace De Palmas trying to assert his experience as an extender of Alitalia's industrial plan. His presence at yesterday's meeting could be a sign. The Newco Alitalia-ITA by December (it seems) will have the industrial plan. Last Summer there was talk of Scaramella also for a top role in what later became Alitalia-ITA (Italy air transport) but evidently things went differently. As the number one of Boeing Italy, he would have the opportunity to try to influence the industrial choices that will affect the airline, starting with the long-haul fleet. On the industrial plan for Alitalia-ITA Gaetano Intrieri were found various errors both in the assumptions and in the budget accounting, with omissions relating to the true criticalities of the carrier. And what about the forgetfulness of the two years spent as CEO of the former Meridiana in his curriculum vitae, as ascertained by Intrieri himself? Maybe Scaramella wasn't proud enough of this experience?

On November 24, 2020, engineer Roberto Scaramella, partner of Oliver Wyman, let us know that "although he knows and appreciates the Boeing company well, he has no intention of leaving his company". "The curriculum vitae referred to was drawn up by ENAV and the engineer Scaramella could never deny an important professional experience such as that of Meridiana, which is also in the public domain. It is surprising that the mentioned source may have found errors in a business plan that has not been presented yet".

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