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Israel-UAE agreements on aviation and technology

Normalization of relations continues

The Israeli government decided to ratify two agreements that have to do with civil aviation and scientific cooperation yesterday evening, Sunday November 29, 2020. Tel Aviv signed both agreements with another Nation with which it is trying to establish fruitful and peaceful relations, the United Arab Emirates (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The promotion of aviation and science is part of the progressive normalization that the two countries want to strengthen from year to year, as also underlined by ministerial sources. Based on what was learned in the last few hours, the agreement that sees aircraft and technology as the absolute protagonists represents a sort of milestone for strengthening bilateral relations, continuing to develop other links in the future with agreements in various strategic sectors.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (see AVIONEWS) is obviously convinced of this, as he strongly wanted this weekly cabinet meeting for the customary signatures. The first ever air connection between the two States with a commercial and passenger aircraft on board took place last October 19, a month after the signing of the normalization that took place in the United States in the presence of the then American President Donald Trump. Israel has recently been concerned about establishing new peaceful relations with other parts of the world as well, such as in the case of Bahrain.

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