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Wizz Air, Varadi attacks unions: "They are harmful to our profits"

Controversial CEO interview

If the intent was to "conquer" new enemies, the CEO of the low-cost airline Wizz Air, Joszef Varadi, has succeeded very well. Although the image of the company has not come out at all well from the latest controversies relating to layoffs and the so-called "bad apples", the CEO has increased the dose by releasing a controversial interview to a Norwegian website. Varadi bluntly accused the air transport unions, defined as something "harmful to the profits of any company". Furthermore, there is another controversial phrase in this interview: "Unions can be a source of income in the short term, but in the long term they only turn into something painful". The manager of the Hungarian company is convinced that Wizz Air could exist very well even without trade unionists, so much so that the Scandinavian Nation acronyms have risen and said they were "shocked" by these words. In addition, Norwegian trade unions now view Varadi as a "direct threat to a serious and dignified working life". For its part, the Hungarian airline rejected these criticisms as well. Indeed, Andras Rado, who is in charge of communications on behalf of Wizz Air, spoke of "shocking phrases only when taken out of context". Not many days ago Heiko Holm, operational director of the Eastern European carrier, sent a letter to our Ministry of Labor, explaining how there cannot be the conditions for a conciliatory procedure regarding the adoption of collective bargaining.

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