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Australia will keep its borders closed until 2022

National isolation lasted since March 2020

Australians, let's joice, as we are united and free: the start of "Advance Australia Fair", the official national anthem is full of confidence and optimism, too bad the residents cannot enjoy so much freedom right now. The cause is always the same and easily understood, the health emergency. In several countries, reopening is now proceeding, while in Oceania it has been decided to do the opposite. Simon Birmingham, finance minister, stressed that international borders will remain closed until the end of 2022. There are already people who speak of isolation from the world, taking into account the fact that Australia blocked these borders as early as March 2020, in conjunction with the lockdown, without ever taking a step back. On balance, the numbers seem to have well repaid Canberra. The total cases were 30 thousand (25 million people live in Australia), while the deaths were just over 900. The frustration among the population, however, risks making its way with yet another extension of the closures and with the impossibility of take advantage of national airports and ports. The only exception is represented by neighboring New Zealand: in this case an agreed "bubble" was envisaged for travel without any quarantine, a possibility that debuted last April. In short, the option of a trip or vacation in these parts is to be ruled out for a long time to come.

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