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United States F-18 aircraft in the skies of Saudi Arabia

To ensure security and stability in the region

As reported in the last hours by the United States, several F-18 military aircraft have been deployed in the skies of Saudi Arabia to ensure the safety and stability of this Asian region. The goal is to avoid other geopolitical problems in these difficult days when the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians unfortunately flares up in the Gaza Strip. The United States Central Command (better known as Centcom), the United States Armed Forces Unified Combat Command, announced this deployment via a tweet that appeared on the official account. As the famous social network reads, "F / A-18D Hornet aircraft have been deployed at Prince Sultan Air Base, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this week as part of a dynamic use of force to improve Central Command capability. US to deter aggression and promote security and stability within Centcom's area of responsibility ”. Last September, Saudi Arabia announced through the state news agency that the overflight of its airspace on the historic flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi would not remain an isolated case. At the very beginning of this 2021, however, it became clear that there has been a change of course in relations between Washington and Riyadh, after a US intelligence report accused Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman of being involved in the murder. Khashoggi which has become an increasingly intricate case.

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