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Boeing, hundreds of planes waiting for deliveries from weeks

Industry had never been in such a situation before

There is always a first time for everything, but Boeing would never have wished to personally experience the situation that is causing some concern. The Chicago industry, in fact, has to deal with the non-delivery of at least one large aircraft for five weeks now (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The reason for this block is soon said: the B-777s are currently paralyzed, while the B-787s are still awaiting official authorization from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), specifically from last October. Going into more detail, there are about a hundred aircraft "parked" and to be exploited for prompt delivery. The last delivery concerned the carrier Turkish Airlines, although it must be specified that this is an operation authorized starting last Autumn, before everything was interrupted in October following the discovery of a series of defects in the fuselage joints. (we immediately spoke of a "manufacturing problem"). To arouse the greatest perplexity in this precise historical period is the attitude of Boeing itself. According to one of the FAA officials, in fact, the American industry was not at all convinced by the proposal and the inspection method, in particular it has not been demonstrated how the procedure complies with federal safety regulations. For this reason, the US institution is awaiting other valuable data and above all updates on the investigations. Airbus and Boeing recently decided to drop their mutual charges, a dispute involving US and EU customs duties.

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