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Carriers continue to avoid A-380 plane

In July, just 11% of flights compared to pre-covid levels

Data are eloquent and do not promise anything good: according to what emerged from sector analyzes by civil aviation experts, the A-380 aircraft risks being able to operate very little over the next few weeks. The long-haul routes are destined to reserve surprises that are not exactly positive for the aircraft in question. The month of July has just begun and only 11% of Airbus activities are planned for the airplane to which it is referring. We are therefore talking about a tenth of the total, to be precise that recorded two years ago, when covid-19 was not in anyone's thoughts. To get a better idea of the scenarios that are being envisaged, only four air carriers will be able to operate with the A-380 during the Summer month that has just begun: a large part of the total, moreover, is insured by a single company, that is to say Emirates. Other airlines have adopted different and above all drastic solutions. For example, Lufthansa has in fact abandoned most of the aircraft of this type, limiting itself to using only one. To be sure, however, something has improved since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. In March 2020 things were decidedly worse for the Airbus model and in this month of July more than a thousand operations with the A-380 will be registered for the first time (in a year and a half now).

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