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Aircraft. Russian industry towards independence from the West

At the "Dubai Airshow" the Irkut MC-21 airplane for the first time with Soviet engines

At the "Dubai Airshow", the international aviation fair which ended a few days ago, the most attentive observers interpreted a signal as the will of the Russian aviation industry to increase its efforts to become increasingly independent from the West. It all stemmed from an aircraft on display: it is the Irkut MC-21/310, a medium-range single-aisle aircraft developed by the companies Irkut and Yakovlev. 

It is a plane with which Moscow wants to break away from Airbus and Boeing. In fact, this 160-200 seat model was presented in Dubai as a potential competitor to the A-320 and B-737. But what is important is that for the first time it was equipped with the new Russian-made engines. Compared to the first version made official in 2016 those American PW1400G from Pratt & Whitney were replaced with Aviadvigatel PD-14 thrusters. The next step is to nationalize the avionics as well. The goal is to obtain certification from the Russian Aviation Authority by the end of 2021, soon after the first flight. 

According to Moscow, the MC-21 would offer a fuel economy of 15 percent compared to the A-320neo and B-737 MAX. However, in Dubai this aircraft has not attracted much commercial success, but the main way is claer. Infact, a new version of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is expected, a Russian medium-range civil aircraft launched after the fall of the USSR -developed by Russia and Italy- in which the two French PowerJet SaM146 engines will be replaced by Russian ones. 

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