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France: no helicopter at Marignane, 120 workers at risk

French multinational would have had to build aircraft for Airbus Helicopters

The French multinational Satys has suspended the construction of a new plant planned in the city of Marignane. The decision has been taken because the mayor Eric Le Dissès declared last September that he would never have granted the building permit. The factory, fully robotic and designed with high innovative standards, would have had to provide services for Airbus Helicopters. 

The French company had taken on the project of building a 4.0 factory with the aim of creating an innovative and efficient industrial hub in the south of the country, in the Aix-Marseille area. This was all thanks to its recognized capacity in the field of painting and surface treatment for aeronautics. He would primarily serve Airbus Helicopters, but did not hide that his ambitions were to develop a portfolio of orders taken from neighboring countries. 

French national media noted that the reversal by the mayor, now opposed to the project, calls into question a planned 15 million Euros investment and 120 jobs. The plant was part of a reindustrialization plan in France and initially the project -whose foundations were laid three years ago- was supported by the state, local authorities and economic stakeholders in the area.

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