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US air carriers prepare for Christmas

Passed the Thanksgiving test. The crucial node remains the airports

US air carriers have been engaged for the past couple of weeks in the difficult challenge of managing vacation air travel demand, which affected some 20 million passengers on Thanksgiving Day alone celebrated last November 25. It was the first official test of airline resilience in the post-pandemic era. 

Traffic at the airports created traffic jams, but all in all it went better than expected: for seven days in a row the average daily passenger volume at American airports exceeded 2 million people. A figure not seen since 2019. The most hectic day was the eve, November 24, with more than 2.3 million travelers. Despite the good organization in the industry, this has generated a lot of work stress for staff at airports and flight crew, after months of job cuts and early retirements. 

Because of this, air carriers have already run for cover and launched major hiring plans. Like Southwest Airlines, which has let it be known that it has already hired more than 4,500 new workers, or 85% of its goal for the year 2021. Like JetBlue Airways and American Airlines have also offered incentives for employees who work during the vacations. The most delicate knot remains the issue of airports, where last week there were long lines for controls. Christmas is only a few days away and the inconveniences could arise again.

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