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Ryanair: magazines on board despite anti-covid regulations

What do the bodies in charge of guaranteeing safety do?

In some Italian airports, the on-board personnel of the low-cost airline Ryanair seem to be employed in these days in promotional campaigns that include the distribution of flyers and the on-board magazine. 

This happens both in airports and on board planes. All normal, except that we are at the beginning of a new pandemic wave that risks bringing the air transport sector to its knees again. 

The possibility of circulating the covid through this form cannot be excluded. In fact, the "Preventive Protocol" adopted by the Italian Government in March 2020 provides: "Sanitation and sanitation of terminals and aircraft, even several times a day based on the traffic of the terminal and on the aircraft, with specific attention to all surfaces which can be touched by passengers in ordinary circumstances". 

According to AVIONEWS sources, the distribution of Black Friday promotional flyers by Ryanair staff was carried out at least on some airports such as Bergamo and Ciampino. According to what is learned, Ryanair managers have even organized courses to explain to the crew the procedure for delivering the magazines. 

Since September, the low-cost has reintroduced the distribution of magazines on board the planes. In an email, the managers of the company established that the magazines distributed during one flight cannot be reused in the next one. In compliance with safety rules. The question is whether it is really worth putting workers and passengers at risk. What do the bodies responsible for guaranteeing the safety of passengers and staff?

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