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Faa arranges further checks on B-777/200 plane

The aircraft could be back in operation in 2022 after checks on engines

The Federal Aviation Administration (Faa) in these days has ordered inspections and strengthening of a key part of the B-777/200 aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines. After a failure of the engines in February 2021, the regulators had issued three airworthiness directives. Now this type of aircraft could therefore return to service as early as the beginning of 2022. 

It all started on February 20th, 2020 when on board the flight Denver-Honolulu operated by United Airlines a failure of the engine fan blade occurred, creating debris but without causing injuries. At that point, Faa inspected the damaged propeller, including systems and other components. The result: "metal fatigue". This led to the issuance of requirements that called for strengthening the engine fairings.

The airline inspected the engines of 52 affected aircraft in its fleet, which currently remain grounded. Boeing has been working with manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, following the lines of the U.S. aviation regulators. Now experts will have to ascertain the possible safety consequences of in-flight engine fan blade failures. Then the B-777/200s will be back in operation. 

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