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Chinese military aircraft over Taiwan

Taipei reports another 13-airplane incursion by Beijing

The skies over Taiwan continue to be the scene of incursions by Chinese military aircraft. The Ministry of Defense of Taipei reported that 13 fighter jets of the Dragon violated the airspace of the island tonight. In response, all anti-aircraft defense procedures have been activated. 

Taiwan said that the military aircraft intercepted were: 5 Shenyang J-16, as well as 7 Shenyang J-10, as well as a Shaanxi Y-8 tactical transport. These aircraft made one of the most intense incursions in terms of the number of aircraft involved since at least 39 Chinese fixed-wing military aircraft violated Taiwanese space on Jan. 23rd. 

Incursions by China happen every day. As Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan, considering it one of its rebel provinces. For its part Taipei does not intend to give up its autonomy to reunify, as Beijing would like, with the People's Republic of China. 

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