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Plane crash in China (2): black box damaged

Government and CAAC announce start of investigation

The investigation team set up in record time by the Chinese government, to investigate the flight MU5735 crash, has announced that one of the two black boxes of the B-737/800 of China Eastern Airlines is heavily damaged due to the violent impact of the aircraft against the mountain.

The crashed airplane "had met airworthiness standards before takeoff and the crew was in good health. The investigation has just begun and it is still impossible to determine the precise cause of the accident". It was pointed out by the head of the safety department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Zhu Tao, during a press conference called urgently in Wuzhou, the city where the impact took place.

In the meantime, the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority has announced that it has launched a two-week inspection with the aim of strengthening safety regulations in the sector. The initiative will involve a round of checks at all regional air traffic control offices, airlines and pilot training institutes.

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