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Ukrainian war: Kiev asks for more armaments

US to send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles Stinger and Javelin; London sends other 6000 rockets

The Atlantic alliance arranged a new supply of armaments and economic supports for Kiev yesterday. In the meantime, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the sending of other 6000 rockets and 25 million Euros. Decisions that meet, even if only in part, the requests of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who asked the United States for new anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles in recent hours. 

This is what emerges from a document published by the U.S. television station "CNN", according to which in the list of requests by Kiev appear 500 American-made missiles Stinger and as many Javelin, as well as military aircraft, attack helicopters and anti-aircraft defense systems.

According to the document, as of March 7th, Kiev had received about 17,000 anti-tank rockets and 2000 anti-aircraft missiles from Washington. From the economic point of view, after the 350 million dollars sent in February, the next two packages of cash support include the sending of a billion dollars.

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