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United States: Biden proposes increases to defense budget

An 813.3 billion dollars plan is now under consideration by Congress

The White House unveiled in recent hours its new defense investment plan for fiscal year 2023. Specifically, US President Joe Biden has proposed spending of 813.3 billion dollars. A figure that marks a +10% from 2021 (+31 billion). The goal is twofold: to respond to Russia and to counter China's military buildup. 

The plan includes various types of investments: missiles with miniaturized nuclear warheads, intercontinental rockets, new atomic-powered submarines built by the company General Dynamics, new electronic systems for Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter planes. 

Among the other items of expenditure there are 6.9 billion dollars destined to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to counter the threats of Russia; 5 billion for the realization of anti-missile defense systems; 4.1 billion in research and development; salary increases for civilian and military personnel of the US Department of Defense.

The plan constitutes a spending proposal and therefore, not being executive, is now under consideration by the US Congress, which will have to examine it and submit it to a political vote. However, according to several analysts, Biden could meet with skepticism even from the progressive wing of the House.

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