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ITA Airways starts courses for cadet pilots on A-320 airplanes

52 ones can resume their training

Another concrete sign of the centrality of training activities at ITA Airways: from 7 April, the Company resumed the MPL (Multi-crew Pilot Licence) courses for 52 cadets who had started this specific training in 2018. This is the course of study to become pilots and its resume follows the restart in January of Command Courses after more than 10 years.

The carrier strongly wanted to follow up this valuable activity, requesting and obtaining from ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) the necessary authorisations to allow cadets who had started this course to complete it while maintaining the credits already accrued and without losing what they had already done in previous years. 

In this regard, the Company thanks ENAC for the high and active spirit of collaboration in the completion of this project.The Multi-crew Pilot Licence courses represent the highest level in terms of integration of the pilot school with the operational standards of an airline and aim to train cadets who will initially cover the role of co-pilots before continuing their career.

The first cadets will complete their training activities next August and will be ready to enter scheduled operations on the A-320 family aircraft.

The airline continues to pursue its commitment not only to training, but above all to younger generations, offering them the opportunity to pursue their passion by obtaining their pilot's licence.

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