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Russia-Ukraine: kamikaze drones arrive

The United States has sent 100 Switchblade Uavs

The United States has been sending armaments to Ukraine for months: from anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems to 100 kamikaze drones Switchblade with cameras. These are US-made remotely controlled unmanned aircraft for the use of which Washington provided training to the Ukrainian military before the start of the war on February 24. The announced shipment dates back to the past few weeks.

The drones are produced by the US company AeroVironment, which makes such aircraft in two variants. The Switchblade 300 is the lightest model weighing about 2.5 kg made to target unarmored military vehicles; it has a range of 10 km and can monitor a target up to a maximum of 15 minutes before the attack. The 600 version, on the other hand, is designed to attack tanks and armored vehicles; it weighs nearly 50 kg, has a range of about 90 km and can monitor a target for at least 40 minutes. 

These drones can perform preplanned missions or be remotely piloted. One hundred of these drones will not stop the Russian army that has begun its final assault on the Donbass region. However these are only one of the many technological armaments sent to Kiev, which continues to resist. 

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