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USA: joys and fears for masks stop

Regulatory chaos and public opinion divided after the end of the obligation on aircraft

After the stop to the compulsory wearing of face masks by passengers on board of US means of transport, including aircraft, American public opinion continues to be divided on the effectiveness of this decision. This decision was taken by the Biden administration following a ruling by a Florida court. In any case, the decision creates new confusion because travellers have to follow a patchwork of different rules. 

In fact, many American airlines have quickly modified their company policies to make face masks optional after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) declared that the requirement would lapse. However, some European carriers operating in the United States, including Air France and Lufthansa, have continued to mandate the use of facial devices aboard their aircraft. 

The requirement to wear them on the nose and mouth was lifted on many airplanes, subways, buses and car-sharing services. However, the rules have remained in place in several major cities. This has led to some paradoxical situations. For example: a New York City subway passenger must wear a face mask, but can take it off if they travel across the Hudson River and board a New Jersey Transit bus. 

Some public health officials have reacted alarmingly to the end of the requirement, arguing that new infections are at risk after infection rates had fallen to their lowest. In any case, the new mask rules have been taken as some of the most promising news in years. But reasons for concern are growing for the weeks ahead. 

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