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Ukrainian conflict: more weapons from Washington

About 800 million dollars in drones, cannons and ammunition to Kiev this week-end

Confirmation came yesterday. While the military means and the men of the Russian Army are concentrated in the Donbass to give the final assault to the region, in the last hours the president of the United States Joe Biden signed the sending of a new tranche of supplies of armaments worth 800 million dollars. A decision with which Washington hopes to counter the Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine.

The new package of armaments "will leave in the next 24-48 hours" and will arrive in Kiev "in the week-end", said Washington. Supplies include 72 howitzer cannon of 155mm, 144,000 artillery ammunition, 121 Phoenix Ghost drones. The latter are specially designed for the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces and have a wider range than the Switchblades, the so-called remotely piloted "kamikaze" aircraft.

"Putin will not win but in Ukraine he will never be able to occupy it completely". The United States "will never give up the fight against tyrants", Biden said at a press conference yesterday. To date, Washington has allocated about 3.4 billion dollars in military aid to Kiev in 2022 alone. 

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