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Plane crash in China: preliminary report

Few new details, analysis on the two black boxes awaited

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (Caac) has completed the preliminary report on the plane crash in China on March 21, 2022 involving a B-737/800 airplane, which took off from Kunming and headed to Guangzhou (flight MU5735), of China Eastern Airlines, crashed in the mountains of Guanxi, killing the 132 people on board. The document provides very few details, as the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) are severely damaged. 

"At 14:21:40, the last information about the aircraft recorded by the radar was: standard pressure altitude of 3380 meters, ground speed of 1010 km/h and course of 117 degrees. Subsequently, the radar signal disappeared", said Caac in a press conference. The document explains that the aircraft crashed without any warning or communication. Furthermore, it is underlined that the personnel was qualified, the aircraft was properly maintained, the weather conditions were good and there was no hazardous material in the hold.

In the absence of Flight Data and Voice Recorders (the two black boxes that are orange), on which technicians in the US laboratories are working, the affair still appears to be shrouded in mystery. One of these concerns precisely the CVR and the FDR. Many people wonder why they are so damaged, considering that they must be built with minimum requirements that allow them to resist tremendous impacts, high water pressure and extreme heat. 

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