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Particular eclipse on Mars

The phenomenon filmed by the space rover Perseverance - VIDEO

The space rover Perseverance of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), on a mission on Martian soil, has taken a spectacular partial eclipse of the Sun seen from Mars. This is not the first time: in 2004 the American space agency was already able to document one in time-lapse. 

The NASA robot was able to resume this phenomenon thanks to a new generation of high-resolution Mastcam-Z, capable of showing the ridges and protuberances of the Martian satellite for a few moments has partially obscured the sunlight. A shot that was possible to achieve thanks to special filters for the light of our star, which have allowed us to see even the sunspots. 

Below, the video showing the partial solar eclipse taken by the cameras of the space rover Perseverance. In the images you can see the solar disk crossed by the dark shape of Phobos, the small satellite of Mars.

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