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Russia will leave International Space Station

Rogozin (Roscosmos): "On the exact date we will warn our partners in advance"

The Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that it will end prematurely the international collaboration on board the International Space Station (ISS) in recent hours. It is a decision that is the direct consequence of economic sanctions imposed by various countries to Moscow for the military invasion in Ukraine. At the moment, the exact date on which Russian participation will cease has not been disclosed.

"The decision has already been made, we are not obliged to talk about it in public. I can only say one thing: in accordance with our obligations we will warn our partners one year in advance of the end of our work on the Iss", explained Russian space agency general director, Dmitry Rogozin, at the TV station "Rossiya 24".

A choice that comes after three days ago two Russian cosmonauts, Oleg Artemeyev and Denis Matveyev, had exposed a replica of the Victory Banner -the flag raised by the Red Army in Berlin in 1945 after the victory in World War II- on the outer side of the Nauka module, during a spacewalk.

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