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Ukraine conflict: US scales back arms supply

Biden backs down on sending long-range missiles Mlrs

The war between Russia and Ukraine has reached nearly 100 days since it began, and as Moscow's armed forces advance apace in eastern Ukraine, peace talks to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict have bogged down. Perhaps this is why in recent hours the US administration has denied rumors about sending long-range multiple launch rocket systems (Mlrs).

"We will not send to Ukraine missile systems that can strike inside Russia's territory", said US President Joe Biden, responding to questions from reporters who asked him to account for rumors that had filtered through several overseas newspapers in previous days.

A slowdown that created bipartisan irritation on both sides of Congress. "A reasonable decision", called it Russia's Security Council deputy chairman, Dmitri Medvedev, who then threatened Washington: "In case of attacks on our cities, we are ready to strike the criminal decision-making centers, which are far away from Kiev".

At this point, the new military supply package being considered by the US Congress and intended for Kiev will include only short-range missiles, not exceeding 110 kilometers, excluding Mlrs rockets with ranges up to 300 kilometers. The basic political problem remains: how to ensure maximum support for Ukrainian resistance, without reaching a direct confrontation between Washington and Moscow. 

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