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Aircraft. USA: air traffic is on tilt

Cancellations and delays for US Fourth of July Independence Day

Independence Day in the United States, which is celebrated every year on July 4, lived up to expectations. It was another day of chaos for the air passenger industry: 1,400 connections canceled and 14,000 aircraft took off or landed late. These disruptions are the result of a borderline situation caused, in particular, by staff shortages, bad weather and strikes. 

The long week-end between Friday, July 1, and Sunday, July 3, was an odyssey for some American passengers. It is estimated that nearly 50 million travelers left home to travel to other destinations, of these about 13 million are thought to have chosen to do so using airplanes. This generated an equal or greater volume of traffic than in 2019. Meanwhile, Transportation Security Administration (Tsa) counted movements between Friday (2.49 million), Saturday, and Sunday (2.1 million) and estimated that 30 percent of flights experienced cancellations and delays.

This is the situation of the major airlines: Southwest Airlines had 29 percent of aircraft delayed, American Airlines 28 percent, United and Delta 21 percent and 19 percent respectively. This is also of concern to the U.S. Congress, so much so that a Democratic senator recently asked the Department of Transportation to fine airlines 55,000 dollars for each passenger on canceled flights. Surely, solutions will be needed. 

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