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End of ESA-Roscosmos collaboration

European Space Agency's decision concerns "ExoMars-2022" program

The director general of the European Space Agency (ESA), Josef Aschbacher, has announced that the agency has ended cooperation with Russia's state space agency Roscosmos regarding the "ExoMars-2022" program. The cooperation had already been suspended in recent months after the invasion into Ukraine decided by the Kremlin.

"The Council has instructed me to officially terminate the currently suspended cooperation with Roscosmos on the ExoMars Rover and Surface Platform mission". "The circumstances that led to the suspension of cooperation with Roscosmos, the war in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions, continue to prevail", Aschbacher explained.

There is regret on the part of Roscosmos, which entrusted a note with a comment on this decision: "It is very unfortunate that for Europe the search for signs of life on Mars has turned out to be less important than the political ambitions of some European officials and countries .Russia can carry out its part of the ExoMars project domestically or by enlisting partners from friendly countries".

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