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China-Taiwan: airlines modify flight routes

Chinese military exercises hamper transport between Southeast and Northeast Asia

The maxi military exercise initiated by China, involving hundreds of aircraft and dozens of armed forces ships and boats, is causing considerable disruption, hindering sea and air transportation between Southeast and Northeast Asia. So much so that, some air carriers have cancelled flights to and from Taiwan or adjusted routes due to civilian traffic restrictions imposed by Beijing in the airspace above the maneuver area. 

From today until Sunday air carrier Korean Air Lines cancelled routes between the city of Seoul and the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, cancelled its scheduled connections today. Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific, Japan's All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines are operating connections normally, but changing routes and avoiding off-limits areas. 

Air connections are also being operated, albeit with necessary route adjustments, by Taiwanese companies China Airlines and Eva Air, Vietnamese Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines, as well as Philippine Airlines, and U.S. cargo carriers FedEx and United Parcel Service.

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