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Iran nuclear deal is close

Renewed agreement between stop uranium enrichment and sanctions lifting

The renewal of the Iran nuclear deal, which on the one hand provides for a stop to development and on the other establishes the lifting of economic sanctions imposed by the West on Tehran, is getting closer. The draft document of understanding, submitted by the European Union last July, provides for four "progressive steps" (the last one will come into effect 165 days after the agreement is signed) aimed at consolidating "confidence" between the parties. 

"After months and months of negotiations, it seems that the parties are closer than ever to reaching an agreement", he said. "I think this is an opportunity that will also give us the level of access and verification we need given the scope, ambition and size of Iran's nuclear program", which will be monitored by IEA experts "in the interest of both sides". It will be "a matter of political will", said International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi.

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