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Ukrainian war: death toll and wounded

According to Kiev, there are 61,330 victims among the Russian armed forces

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces today released the usual daily bulletin in which it specifies the losses inflicted on the Russians in these more than seven months of war, from 24 February 2022, the date of the beginning of the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, to today. According to published data, which cannot be verified independently, the victims among the Russians would be 61,330.

In term of military weapons losses, these amount to 2449 tanks, 5064 armored vehicles, 1424 artillery systems, 177 anti-aircraft defense systems, 266 aircraft, 232 helicopters, 3854 motor vehicles, 15 naval units and 1047 drones, 2449 tanks and 5064 armored vehicles.

For its part, the Russian defense ministry communicated today the data regarding the Ukrainian weapons neutralized by the Russian armed forces: 315 airplanes, 157 helicopters, 2160 drones, 379 anti-air defense missile systems, 5412 between tanks and other armored vehicles, 862 combat vehicles, 3452 including guns and artillery mortars, destroyed from February 2022 to today, during the Russian military operation.

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