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Wisk Aero presents new eVtol

The air taxi will present the prototype to the FAA to obtain the first certification

The US manufacturer Wisk Aero, has unveiled in the past few hours its new version of aero-taxi "Generation 6". These are self-driving electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing (eVtol, Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) capable of carrying up to four passengers. The Boeing Group has invested 400 million dollars in the company Wisk Aero with the aim of strengthening its presence in the market of future unmanned air taxis.

The aircraft has a wingspan of almost 15 meters. It is structured with six front rotors, each with five blades that tilt horizontally or vertically, and six rear rotors that have two blades each and are fixed in an upright position. Wisk's "Generation 6" aircraft has a cruising speed of 220 km / h, a range of 145 km, can reach altitudes from 2500-4000 feet.

The start-up will present the prototype to the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to obtain certification. This is the first of three that a company must obtain before starting a commercial service. This means that the aircraft must meet all FAA design and safety standards before commencing the transportation of people by air taxi.

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