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Usa: B-787 aircraft paint problems

Constructor asks FAA for approval of an urgent maintenance plan

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced in the past few hours that it has submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a request for approval of an urgent plan to solve stripping problems encountered on B-787 Dreamliner airliners. Problems reported in particular on the surfaces of the wings and stabilizers on the occasion of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

"The paint flaking problem requires operators to repaint the wing and horizontal stabilizer at a much higher frequency". As this is not always possible, duct tape is used, which "has no effect on the safety of the aircraft, but the public may perceive an unsafe condition", as well as "creating the potential for significant aircraft downtime", Boeing explained it. 

To solve the fleet maintenance problem, the company asked Faa to approve the application of "speed tape" on the stripped areas as safe. So that passengers still do not raise concerns by continuing to post photos online. For a similar problem, the European manufacturer Airbus is facing a two billion dollar judicial battle against the air carrier Qatar Airways for the deterioration of the surface of the A-350 airplanes.

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