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Ukrainian war: missile crashes in Poland

Stoltenberg (NATO): "We are monitoring the situation, the allies are consulting closely"

The Polish Foreign Ministry announced that yesterday, on November 15, "a Russian-made missile" landed on its national territory at around 15:40, killing two people in the village of Przewodów, in the Lubelskie region. For this reason, Warsaw put the Army on alert and summoned the Russian ambassador. Meanwhile, an emergency summit organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will take place today.

"I have expressed my condolences for the victims. NATO is monitoring the situation and the allies are consulting each other closely. It is important that all the facts are established", the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, tweeted yesterday. Meanwhile, Polish President Andrzej Duda today said the missile was "probably an unfortunate accident".

Meanwhile, the unanimous condemnation also comes from the political leaders gathered at the G20 summit in Bali where US President Joe Biden convened an emergency summit. "We discussed the explosion that occurred in the eastern part of Poland near the border with Ukraine. We offer our full support and assistance in the investigation. We reaffirm our resolute support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of the ongoing difficulties".

Russia launched yesterday 70-80 missiles across the entire territory of Ukraine, hitting critical infrastructure. One of the worst days since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. According to some reconstructions, it was the wreckage of a missile hit by Ukrainian anti-aircraft that fell on Ukrainian territory. Warsaw could therefore resort to article 4 of the Atlantic Pact, which provides for consultations with the allies when a country feels threatened.

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