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ITA Airways: the crux of Lufthansa's interest

Possible face-to-face between the Italian government and airline management in the coming days

The stalemate over the privatization procedure of the national carrier ITA Airways could soon end. The negotiation between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the German airline group Lufthansa could lead in the coming days to a face-to-face meeting between the Italian government and the airline's management. The goal of the Meloni Executive remains to keep the company public.

This is what the newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" reports, citing sources close to the dossier. If the negotiation is successful, the main crux of the question will concern the balance within governance: Lufthansa wants to have real control, while Rome wants veto power over strategic decisions. The hypothesis is that of selling 55-60% of the capital of ITA Airways to the Germans for 250-280 million euros, but a capital increase of 250 million euros expected in March remains at stake.

In the coming days, the confrontation between Berlin and Rome will go into detail on the various aspects of the transfer. Furthermore, the industrial relaunch plan developed by Lufthansa for ITA Airways will be discussed (higher annual revenues of 80-100 million euros): entry into the joint venture with United Airlines and Air Canada (another 200 million); expansion of services and cargo towards Africa and South America; savings for concerted purchases of fuel, rental, maintenance and catering (another 150 million Euros).

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