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ITA Airways: the Lazzerini-Altavilla clash

Exclusive by the newspaper "La Stampa" reveal internal turmoil

There is no peace for the national air carrier ITA Airways. As soon as the political controversies on the privatization negotiations, which are currently stalled, have lowered to acceptable levels, the internal turbulence at the top of the airline becomes a case, which led to the appointment of the new executive president, Antonino Turicchi.

This is what an investigation by the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" reveals , which cites confidential documents, which it has come into possession of, in which serious accusations are attested by the reconfirmed CEO Fabio Lazzerini against the outgoing ex-executive president Alfredo Altavilla, which was removed by the majority of the previous board of directors. The reason? "During the privatization process, the information given to the entire administrative body was often partial", declared Lazzerini, implying that someone in ITA was helping the Lufthansa-MSC consortium to write a better bid than one of the rivals US fund Certares.

What would emerge from the papers is a real internal feud between the two managers of ITA Airways. For example, during a session of the board, the ex-executive chairman was accused by the managing director Lazzerini: "Even an Airbus for the holidays ", "the episode objectively demonstrated a private management of the flights". Words that refer to the Fiumicino-Cagliari flight (AZ330) of 6 August 2022, carried out with a 290-passenger Airbus A-330, on board there was Altavilla and a group of relatives and friends.

Lazzerini would have added: "This story has led the company to declare something different from reality, denying this news". Altavilla allegedly rejected the accusations, replying that he had always acted transparently and promptly. But, according to the papers, on 12 October Lazzerini would have pressed the board: "It is urgent to reorganize the company. The board of directors must make every consequent decision today".

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