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Plane crashes: 121 victims in 2021

The certification of the statistical office of the European Union Eurostat

The statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, specialized in the collection and analysis of data from the Member States, today communicated the official number of deaths from air accidents that occurred during 2021: 121 people died on the territory of the Union due to accidents involving aircraft registered in Member States. No victims in Italy.

The figure confirms that of 2020 (one person less this year than two years ago). As in the previous five years, the majority of fatal aviation accidents (93% with 112 fatalities) occurred on large aircraft (over 2250 kilos).

In Italy 0 fatalities were recorded in accidents involving light aircraft (there were 9 in 2020), while as regards larger aircraft, 9 deaths were recorded (0 in 2020), 7% of the world total. Finally, considering the commercial aviation and aerial work sectors, no accidents were reported in 2021.

The monitoring of the Directorate General of the European Commission is based on accidents involving small airplanes, airships, paragliders and motor gliders, ultralight aircraft, small helicopters and hot air balloons (all aircraft below 2250 kilos of maximum take-off mass).

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