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Airbus wins the 2022 challenge with Boeing

The American manufacturer is recovering and wins the battle on twin-aisle aircraft

With the beginning of 2023 it's time to take stock. The global challenge in 2022 between the two main aircraft manufacturers, the European Airbus and the US Boeing, was won by the European group with 820 aircraft ordered and 661 delivered. However, for the Americans, who totaled 774 orders and 480 deliveries, this is in any case the best performance recorded from 2018 to today.

Both manufacturers have suffered from engine shortages and other supply chain issues. These in 2022 have limited the speed of construction and delivery of new aircraft. Moreover, these are problems destined to persist also this year. "Supplies will also remain limited in 2023", said Airbus Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Faury .

Despite raw material supply problems, the European Aviation Group has pledged to increase aircraft production rates this year. Airbus continues to dominate the single-aisle (narrowbody) aircraft market, where the A-320 Family has outsold the B-737s, to which a new line of the smaller A-220 (ex-Bombardier) has been added over the years.

For its part, Boeing has won more orders for widebody aircraft. Despite the positive results, it has not managed to achieve the result of Airbus, but it is taking concrete steps to get out of the corporate crisis triggered by the two fatal accidents involving its best-selling aircraft: the production defects of the B-737 Max blocked the entire production chain.

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