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ITA Airways: Lufthansa offer tomorrow

The data room closes on January 18 and the proposal should arrive on the MEF table

The proposal of the Lufthansa aviation Group for the acquisition of the national air carrier ITA Airways should finally arrive on the table of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) tomorrow 18 January 2023. The Germans would acquire 40% of the capital of the aviolinea tricolore with a capital increase of 350 million euros, as anticipated in recent weeks. 

This is what the Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" reports, citing government sources. The date of January 18 is considered highly probable as it coincides with the closure of the data room, that is the platform that allows Lufthansa to monitor ITA's performance and consult documents containing sensitive industrial data.

The MEF, which holds 100% of ITA's capital, will take a few days to examine Lufthansa's offer. Subsequently, joint signing of a memorandum of understanding will take place. This will sanction the official launch of the exclusive negotiation between the Italian Executive and the German management. The goal is to conclude the negotiations 5-6 months later, with a final contract.

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